China Mould Manufacturer

Plastic appearance of the identification

Sales and Customer Service Available (on-line) Schedule

I think China maybe use Beijing Time, that is Eastern Eight Time Zone, but what exactly the time is when I want to write to you or trade manager you? Is there anyone will give me a fast reply?

Visit Creative Mould

If I want to come to China to visit Creative Mould, how can I find you?

Different names for die casting aluminum

Nowdays, in different countries and areas, we do not have an exclusive name for the same kind of die casting aluminum, it may cause confusion sometimes, but don't worry, I am sure you will find what you want here.

How do you pack mould and products?

What to see how do we package your mould and products? Have a look at it.

What is the procedure for doing business with a China plastic molder?

If you want to learn how to run business with a China molder, here the answer is.

Mould work flow

The project engineer act as customer¡¦s representative to follow up tooling schedule and timely report to the customer on quality and delivery issues. The project engineer also guarantees that customer¡¦s technical requirement are followed

Mould manufacture structured organization

Engineering Department: focuses in co-ordination with customers for new product development, translating customer requirement into quality specification, provides technical support to customer.
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