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Change management thinking, to solve management problems

There is no good way to solve the troubles of the mold department managers? According to our experience, managers simply by changing management thinking, it can be "miraculous" simple point is to managers to questioning under the mold master becomes: under the work The master mold its own initiative management reporting managers want to know.

Consequently, a lot of smart managers will design some "production reports" to manage the work of the department, but often due to the form design is unreasonable and incomplete, making the "character" of the mold master that aggravated him workload, can easily lead to resentment; up the data collected are often just the processing time of the mold master a simple statistical, and not be able to understand the actual situation in the mold during the manufacturing process, combined with manual analysis is time-consuming analysis level of degree is very limited, so only data archiving, and managers are very concerned about the progress of the analysis, workload analysis, exception analysis can only provide very limited help, the managers of these statements will flow in the form of no real use of the effect is still back to the original [empirical] management style.

Based on the classification situation, we have to implement a well-established program, first thing to consider in the design of the daily production reports, both the key concern of management, but also data collection simple.

Use of computer systems, improve the management level

[Self-report] to collect information on the work of the good chefs, if the statistical analysis of data by hand, requires not only the statistics have a strong sense of responsibility, but also need to have considerable work experience, and often spend a lot of time to analyze the data, often there will be a lot of mistakes, not have any help for the managers, that will make this method a mere formality, leading to failure, therefore, we must use these reports up data, accurate analysis, to provide the most precise basis for management decision-making, as we all know, the computer has extremely powerful data analysis to the same processing power, advanced computer technology to cope with the analysis, will be able to bring a multiplier for managers effect.

As early as 2005, the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) has a plan: "the use of computer information technology to enhance the corporate mold management level, crown management technology by virtue of many years of management experience in the mold industry, becoming partners of this project. specifically the introduction of a mold industry for assisting in the management system, using computer assisted managers to improve the management level; the operation of the process is completed daily report as long as every morning to collect master, clerk within one hour after the data completion of the entry of the computer system, all persons concerned about mold progress in the network itself to check the latest situation.

The new trend for the future management

Many companies in the use of computerized management, managers can stay at home to know the progress of each mold manufacturing mold department, without the same person as before, went to the workshop asked each master, you can easily query to each mold production schedule, the work can easily lot!

Accurate to each process, the production schedule information of the workpiece through the system of networked, real-time feedback to management staff in various departments at all levels, greatly reducing the questioning of management personnel.

Managers through the system quickly know what mold is expected to not finish the task, which can adjust work plans in a timely manner, arranging measures for the timely completion of production tasks.

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