China Mould Manufacturer

   "At present, the European mold has been increasingly felt the impact and pressure from their Chinese counterparts, is expected to 2018, China became one of the world's largest mold manufacturing base." RWTH Aachen University, Germany Asia issue such a sigh force Grand professor has inspected the land in Ninghai mold manufacturing base. According to the research department investigation that the mold design and production time in Europe than in China about 44% and 61% faster, but the mold design and production costs, but only 91% of their counterparts in Europe, Alexander said, because China low labor costs, there is a strong attraction on the part of the foreign customers. The same time, the competition between Europe and the world's mold accordingly intensifies, like Germany, nearly two and a half mold overall price fell by about 25 percent. According to statistics, a few years ago 58 percent of the world's mold is produced by Germany and other Western European countries, China and other Asian countries, the proportion of only 1%, but the mold of the Eastern European countries in the future there will be a relatively large increase, while the Asian countries production ratio will be increased to about 22%. The professor was pleased to say that, in view of the good momentum of China's cheap labor cost advantage and overall sustained and rapid economic development, China mold development prospects will be very broad. "But that does not mean that China's development is so ideal and perfect." Alexander believes that prematurely because of China's market into a price war of misunderstanding, but also the lack of the ability of independent innovation, there is no established a trustworthiness and reliability of the market system, especially 65% ​​of European customers think the price of the Chinese mold but poor quality. An ideal solution, the two sides to strengthen cooperation, orders and drawings by European countries, to complete the design and manufacture of Chinese mold companies in charge of Europe's advanced technology and management concepts, and in this process of continuous learning, accelerate the transformation of industrialization, and strive to enhance their own core strengths and competitiveness. In addition to the low price to make a fuss to improve customer satisfaction, more importantly, the required delivery time, product quality, high integrity, as much as possible so that they understand the product development, design and production process companies must be clear to the main direction, to strengthen their mutual cooperation, timely and effective manner to respond to customer needs.
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