China Mould Manufacturer
Over the years, with the rapid economic development, plastic injection mould has formed a certain cluster size, but is also due to the acceleration of new product development, some of the early standards developed to keep up with the pace of development of precision molds industry, so that part of the productproduction standard to follow, which also caused a non-standard production status of products. If we add the state and industry standards and products of real quality requirements incompatible with the phenomenon more example of non-standard production. The existence of non-standard production, not only the product quality is difficult to guarantee, can not guarantee the future development of enterprises. If the lack of a unified production standards, the precision molds sectors most prone to the disorder vicious competition. There is no standard or a standard individual of unscrupulous companies use inferior materials to produce, and then to seize the market with low prices, such vicious competition is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the industry as a whole