China Mould Manufacturer

    plastic injection mould, according to the relevant reports of industrial development is currently facing many problems, stakeholders said that the domestic mold enterprises should make greater efforts to mold casting yield, die-casting production efficiency, the reliability of the mold. Mainly from the following aspects:
    Pouring water drainage systems for mold casting yields, most of the mold companies only concerned about mold, the mold temperature balance is paid insufficient attention to the layout of the mold cooling water. With the improvement of the overall strength of the Chinese die casting companies, improve the level of automation in line to foreign enterprises.

    2, the dimensional accuracy of the mold products, mold manufacturing precision, domestic die casting mold enterprises look very seriously, but only through the purchase of advanced foreign equipment means to achieve this is not enough. Domestic mold enterprises on the basis of great importance to the level of processing equipment, should also improve the management level.

    3, in the mold production efficiency, foreign mold companies is very great importance. On the one hand great importance to the mold cooling, improve the efficiency of die-casting production; the other hand, also focus on the fast of the mold disassembly and to reduce the mold repair and maintenance, the replacement of wearing parts.

    4, the reliability of the mold, the mold reliability is essential for die-casting production. That domestic die casting mold manufacturers are not paid enough attention.

5, improve die life, study of the domestic mold enterprises to foreign enterprises, and strengthen in the mold structure, mold strength in the mold material, heat treatment, surface treatment, research, optimization.