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   This train toy mould  company tells you how to become a professional model train game player:Below we will step by step to tell you if you are a new train model toy game player, how to slowly become a model train professional game player and some matters.1 if you take home after the first car; not very worried to open the packaging, according to my experience, my first car, because too excited, did not get a good, hit the table, immodesty model damage, now regret.2new cars don't speed; slow to run about 50metres, the purpose is to adjust gear and the whole car parts coordination, car is running, when holding the baby for a word, I suggest you go to Maize art car, so there is no much effect righteous. Cars of the walking part wasn't so fragile, we just want to enjoy the fun sports car, and not suffer from infinite desire for material; contentment is not it!3sports car back on the packaging must be careful; some people are often not familiar train model specific packaging, often do not put in hard, that cause great harm to the weak models, if you look carefully will find, if you are in place, the train will be embedded in the plastic packaging mold, then right. Models do not hard, because most of the locomotive parts are buckled card in it, a little thought they can take down.4train run time; do not use hand don't hold it, stop it, don't put things in orbit, it does great harm to motor.5 novice try not to open the car shell; after the model has a deep understanding on again, you are now open, do not know which structure, in case that settle back on the trouble.The 6 track if the connection is not; do not hard, reason is the two track of cards often have no alignment, staggered, track is a patient to live, need to carefully. Hard not to come.7not recommended novice to do the sand table; for more in-depth knowledge and brand knowledge and daily attempts without a deep understanding, make the sand table is not realistic.