China Mould Manufacturer
All of the nations of the world to  train toy mould  mainly divided into the types of:The train model is divided into different levels ( CLASSES ), also called a different specification ( GAUGES ). Each level has its own proportion regulation, but does not require100% accurate, up and down can be a bit error. Train model usually have G, O, S, HO, N, Z, level six, specialized businesses also according to these levels of production of products, so you to the store to buy the train model, first impressions are strongest in level to buy, do not take the wrong size. The level of G: train models in the largest class, they and the proportion of vehicles is usually 1:20prototype. Because the lovers like to choose this level train model to make the outside sand table, so the world will this play collectively referred to as the" garden railroad" ( GARDEN RAILROAD ), this level is used" English Garden" the first letter "G " to name. The level of O: is the second largest train model, scale is generally about 1:48.The level of S: the model and the prototype ratio is 1:64, the pursuit of precision produced by the level of more than amateur.The level of HO: is one of the most widely used in the model level, the ratio is about 1:87. The proportion of the commodity model very much. Because it is the ratio of" O level" half ( English HALF ), he was named as the " HO".The level of N: its scale is about" HO level " half, at about 1:160. This level from last centuries seven, eighty time begin to pop, quite a few enthusiasts love making N level railway sand table, because he takes up small space.The level of Z: is the smallest model train level, the proportion is 1:220. Because it is too small to see details, so many fans could not use this level. There are some local train model: ON30proportion of American narrow gauge train; HOe European narrow gauge train etc.. There are many model train manufacturer, which is of course the most famous: RunEast company.HO scale train model, is approximately the length of 20-30CM, track16.5MM. (below1-1)G model train general long 40-60CM, track45MM. The best home garden to play music.In contrast, the following type N is much more compact, this is a 2-6-0of the American steam locomotive model, placed in the palm of the hand is12CM about it, so, Japanese play more. Gauge9MM.Z, the MARKLIN car, even can use solar energy to drive, is really very cute ~ ratio is 1:220.